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One Step Setup

If you can click a mouse on a few prompts, you can set up our software.

Our System Has Speed.

Use our 1 Gbps network and live life in the fast lane!Look up content or stream videos with no trouble.

Our Support team is live for you

No matter what trouble you have, you can count on our support team to give you the aid you need.

Our plans are customizable and can cater to your needs.

All that’s left for you to do is sign up!

Silver $12.95 /mth Rebills every month until canceled
One device
Fast Speed
5 GB bandwidth/Month
Gold $16.95 /mth Rebills every month until canceled
Two devices simultaneously
High Speed
10 GB bandwidth/Month


No matter what subscription plan you choose, ChronoVPN has all the features of a quality VPN.
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Double Threat Equals Double Protection

In this dangerous online world, know that our VPN double protects your data with double encryption.

Fast Servers that Work for You

With our powerful servers running at a 1 Gbps network, your streaming will be fast and secure.

Barely Any Effort

Our custom client lets you easily move your plan across all your devices.

We Don’t Log

We don’t log or store your data when you use our VPN, and we keep your information safe from any third parties that do.

Immediate Protection

If the VPN connection has any problems, then it instantly shuts down your internet connection until your security is guaranteed.

See Where our Severs Are

Want to know where the closest server is? Just click here and see where you can connect.

If you are someone who likes top-notch security, then ChronoVPN VPN is the program for you!

Why install our ChronoVPN?

We care about your online security and safety just like you do, and will defend it as best as we can.

Be Completely Unseen

Your Personal IP address is also a personal tracker, showing your web history and location to anyone who sees it. The double encryption from our ChronoVPN VPN client, hides your IP and defends your privacy from onlookers, keeping you safe.

Feel Free to Travel!

When you travel, sometimes you can lose the comforts of home like Social Media — with our ChronoVPN VPN client, you’ll have 24/7 access to the next episode of a series or the latest social media gossip.


You can use your VPN client from anywhere because we have over 16 server locations worldwide. Rest assured that no matter where you go, you will be protected.

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